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I'm sorry, make sure that you are not a robot. For best results, make sure your browser accepts cookies. Search for adults and children health encyclopedia/dermaplaning dermabrasion what is dermabrasion? A procedure that minimizes the transfer fine wrinkles or scars on the skin is similar to a chemical peel, dermabrasion. The difference between a chemical peels and dermabrasion, however, is the method used. Includes high-speed surgeon through the brush abrasion on the duty, to remove the top layer of skin. The size and depth, as well as the degree of scarring, wrinkles to determine the level of the skin, which are surgically trained. The possible complications associated with complications associated with dermabrasion-dermabrasion can among others are not limited to the following: herpes Labialis. Dermabrasion can cause inserted, often prone to cold sores Herpes infections in people. Antiviral drugs are often used to treat this problem. Changes in pigmentation. Some people may develop a change in pigmentation of your skin after the procedure. This symptom treatment may include the use of creams to whiten as prescribed by a physician. A decrease of pigmentation may be permanent. Thickening of the skin. Thickening of the skin may develop. This symptom can with Cortisone creams or injections, which will help the skin to its normal status are treated. What is dermaplaning? Dermaplaning is called a dermatome to treat with a hand instrument deep acne scars. The dermatome looks a swinging blade, razor has moved to smoothly browse the surface layers of the skin around the crater or other facial defects. Dermabrasion and Dermaplaning can perform on small areas of the skin or in the face. Can be used alone or in combination with other methods. Or treatment, but remove all scars and defects or prevent aging. Who can benefit from dermabrasion or dermaplaning? Men and women of all ages benefit from dermabrasion and Dermaplaning. Important factors that help to determine the efficacy of the two treatments include the following: Although each procedure varies the coloration of skin type, skin, background, medical procedure, dermabrasion and Dermaplaning usually covered the following: include location options: ala Hospital surgeon Office Surgery Center outpatient treatment options include Hospital outpatient surgery: combination of anaesthetic Lokalanasthesiein with a sedative (allows the patient remains awake but relaxed) you can use a spray anesthetic with or instead of general anesthesia anesthesia the average duration of the procedure: a few minutes up to an hour or more, depending on the size of the skin is restored. revitol skin brightener walmart The step by step procedure can be once more. Some side effects of short-term surgery can be red and swollen skin. Eating and talking can be difficult for a few days after the procedure. Tingling, can burn or cause pain. Swelling and crusting of drying will appear. New skin begins to grow, it may look and feel bloated. The skin may be sensitive and bright pink in color, which can take about three months to fade. Sun Protection is very important, after such a procedure. Coroner: Sather, Rita, Vivian Walker RN, Ed, Maryland and. ,